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I've still got some dues to pay and bills keep coming everyday.
But it won't be times to regret cause it ain't work unless you sweat.
I came outta the cold rain like a dog that broke its' chain.
And I still got a long long drive, 4 or so hours down 75.
I got a flower growing by my side,
and at this point I'd say it's at least chin high.
Wherever I may go, though I may never know, it makes me feel at home.

We met some friends recently, that have such generosity.
They give us food, a place to stay, keep us close when we're away.
And I don't know where I'd like to be, where I'm comfortable, the Grand Marquee.

Yet the year's gone on by and the wheel's spinning eye is the only thing that's keeping us high.

And I know that I'll always be alright, as long as I got them singing boys by my side.
We drive from city to town still trying to figure out just what we have found.


from Our Hearts are Gold, Our Grass is Blue, track released September 17, 2009