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I sat on the hood of a broke down car on I 95, admiring all those tiny specks in the night sky and wonderin' how the light from 14 billion years ago could come to haunt me now and how everything I love will be gone before they ever go out and I don't know why I'm leavin, but I don't even know where I'm gonna go. But I'm already gone. And these thoughts and all these things you said you know that they will never be the same and I know that we were happy but I feel like things are better off this way so don't count on me I'm never coming home. Then all of a sudden I saw lights descending from above and a warmth engulfed me like a lick of breath off a thousand suns and then I head voices in my mind telling me that I was safe and that everything will eventually turn out just fine. Then I saw the Earth fade to a star, a Heart of Blue in a sea of endless dark, and now I'm already gone.


from Our Hearts are Gold, Our Grass is Blue, released September 17, 2009